7/27/2018  Brianne Baker RN - NICU - Tampa General Hospital Gave us a look into the life and stress of being a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. Since approximately 22% of all births involve drug addicted mothers, the first months are harrowing for the family staff caring for them. Thank you and bless all of the 'special' nurses involved.
7/20/2018   Sunshine City Kiwanis meeting with George Wilsey talking about wills, trusts, and estates. George was talking about the progression of practice and laws since he started practice long ago until current day. His main advice: have a will. If you have one, do a new one every time there is a change in your family structure.
7/13/2018 Sunshine City Kiwanis meeting with Gina Wilkins, founder and CEO of The Kind Mouse, an organization that provides food to needy children that seem to fall through the cracks with other organizations. They also identify kids who want to help and train them in service related endeavors.#theKindMouse