March 2019 Happenings

3/29/2019...Sunshine City Kiwanis meeting with Juliana Menke from Suncoast Center. Juliana talked about dealing with families and modifying behavior of family members through better phrasing. Eliminate the negative. Parenting classes are offered. #suncoastcenter
3/22/2019...Sunshine City Kiwanis meeting with Alicia Perrelli director of youth development with Ready for Life. This organization helps foster kids that “age out” at 18 but need help with transition to real life. The staff acts just like family with their support and interaction. Alicia brought Lexi , an intern at Ready for Life, to tell her life story. It really opened eyes as to what actually goes on with kids in foster care who are labeled “adults” at 18 even if they are not ready. #readyforlife
3/8/2019...Sunshine City Kiwanis meeting with Andrew Maurin who represents Suncoast Voices for Children. This organization focuses on foster kids and their needs - which includes car seats and beds. 60% of the kids removed from their family is due to opioid abuse which is a very traumatic event for the child. 70% of the kids are 6 years of age or younger. Their mission is to provide for unmet physical, psychological, educational and social needs of abused, abandoned and neglected children. Find out more at #suncoastvoices#kidsneedkiwanis