10/26/2018  Tony and Tina Bilotta from Tigers Way Academy were with us talking about personal security, safety, and how not to be a victim. Tony is former Navy Special Services and an expert at Defensive Tactics Training. Tina is a survivor who demanded that Tony teach her how to protect herself...from there a training school was formed. Tony also showed off numerous devices that seem harmless but can be used as a defense tool.
10/12/2018  Elizabeth Wulff presented a travelogue of her recent family trip to Italy and beyond.  Today was just Rome - which has enough history to fill volumes. Her many stories accented the photos of the picturesque city and a few photo bombs of family. This picture of the travelers is at a fountain next to the Pantheon.
10/5/2018   Cicily Wulff did a recap of the Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Deemed a Success, we hosted nearly 300 kids from t he foster care system. Hats, games, face painting, balloons, prizes = Total Joy!!  Thanks to all the volunteers and contributors including Lakwood High Key Club and Admiral Farragut Academy cadets. District Governor Steve LeBlanc was in attendance and was blown away vowing to copy our success in his home district.